SMITH FOUNDATION  - We realize that what we are accomplishing is a drop in the ocean


Our staff are the hardest working individuals, volunteering their service to make a difference in students’ lives.
It would be my pleasure to introduce to you......

Evangeline Smith Moore-CEO and Executive Director
Derick Lovett Moore-Assistant Executive Director
Amanda McMillan-Executive Manager

  • Executive Secretary  (Pending)
  • Public Relation  (Pending)

  • Carrina Smith Assistant Executive Manager-Bayboro NC,  Member
  • Hazel Smith Fundraiser-Bayboro NC, Member
  • Corine Moore Fundraiser -Greenville NC, Member

  • Janice Squires-Executive Fundraiser-Bayboro NC, Member
  • Bernadine Johnson Fundraiser-New Bern NC, Member
  • Mary Nelson Fundraiser-Jacksonville NC, Member

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